Tomasz Krystek, Kriya Yoga: 9 et 10 décembre 2017


avec Tomasz Krystek de Varsovie

décembre 2017

offrande blanche

Awaken To Your Inner Self
Kriya Yoga Meditation

(ouvert aux non-anglophones)

Welcome to the workshop on deep meditation by Tomasz Krystek, who lived in buddhist monasteries as well as hindu ashrams and met numerous teachers during his 8 years long stay in India and Nepal. His life was deeply influenced by the direct transmission obtained from them, by meditation in their presence and in holy places, which opened him to deeper spiritual planes and understanding.
The workshop will familiarize you with Kriya Yoga, an inner yoga meditation technique. This practice is based on being aware of the subtle energy centres (chakras) and channels (nadis), awakening our inner life force and directing it to higher centres, the gates to spiritual dimensions of our being. Whatever it is that you practise or even if you practise nothing; this transmission and technique may deepen and enrich your development and meditation.
More energy opens more inner spiritual space, deepening consciousness and wisdom. More awareness brings more harmonious flow of energy in your subtle and physical bodies. If needed, this flow may bring healing on many planes. One influences the other, because consciousness and energy are actually one. Increasing this flow improves not only our meditation but also our everyday life, awakening and sharpening our perception, opening insight into issues and passions developed by every individual. The spiritual dimension of our being and the everyday life are indeed one and the same.
The roots of Kriya Yoga reach far into the past, to the sages of ancient India. Realised teachers have established a set of simple yet powerful and effective techniques that help through meditative expansion of consciousness, to explore and realise our true nature, identical to the nature of the entire existence. We awaken and recognise who we really are. We unite the spiritual and human dimensions in ourselves, opening to inner peace and happiness.


Samedi 10h-17h00

Dimanche 10h-16h00

En anglais, traduit!

Participation: 250 CHF, acompte 100 CHF sur le CCP indiqué sous « règlements ».

Remboursement acompte 50 % jusqu’à une semaine avant si désistement.

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